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Lighthouse:  Navigating Global Trade


Lighthouse International Trade Consulting, LLC ("LHITC" or "Lighthouse"), is your trusted advisor in international trade compliance and international market development, planning and strategy.  

Lighthouse will assist your business in navigating the challenges associated with global trade to successfully manage your import/export, international trade compliance and international growth opportunities.  

International trade is defined as “the exchange of goods [or] services between nations.” 

 - Black’s Law Dictionary 285, 1529 (8th ed. 2004).

“Any nation which leaves all her ports open to the World on equal terms will have commodities cheaper, sell its own production dearer, and be on the whole most prosperous”

- Benjamin Franklin

Lighthouse provides international trade consutling services to assist with your company's international trade compliance, international trade development, planning and strategy efforts.  

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Lighthouse will assist you in Navigating Global Trade